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The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race

Each winter, universities from across Canada are brought together by the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race and compete in this exciting and unique design competition. In 2011, the race will be hosted by a university located in western Canada.

To truly understand the thrill and excitement of this competition check out video clips from the 2010 race, as featured on the Discovery Channel and Global News.

The Race

Five members from each team board their toboggan and push off down the hill to earn coveted awards including fastest toboggan and shortest braking distance. In 2009, there was a steering competition which required each team to slalom down the hill to reach the finish line. In 2010, there was a head-to-head, sudden death elimination race to compete for the King of the Hill title, its first time at the GNCTR.

The Technical Exposition

Each team creates a booth showcasing the important design elements of their toboggan, and the phases of work that were required to bring the team from race dreams to race day. A panel of professionals then reward teams for research and innovation in areas including safety, concrete mix design, and braking system design.

The Spirit

Teams are encouraged to display their positive spirit throughout the competition by developing a theme for their team, complete with uniforms, slogans, dances, skits, and cheers. The teams with friendliest and most outgoing attitudes compete for the coveted Spirit Award! Our team's theme is currently in the works - stay tuned for the unveiling of our team's plan to win the Spirit Award!

2008 Team Theme
University of Waterloo, GNCTR 2009 Team - Boggan Bears
(theme based on the Care Bears)

2008 Team Theme University of Waterloo, GNCTR 2008 Champions - Waterloo911!
(theme based on Reno911! television show)