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The Team

This year, our team is made up of over twenty civil engineering students. Each member of our team brings a diverse skill set and unique personality to the table. Our individual experiences from our co-op placements over the years are brought together for this team as we put our design, construction, and management skills to the test!

The Goal

In the past, teams from the University of Waterloo have been very successful, winning the overall championship title four times since its inception. Our most recent victory was earned in 2008. Our team is determined to bring home the title again in 2011! In addition to the overall championship title, our team is looking to win the top speed, best braking performance, and best spirit awards. In 2007, the University of Waterloo won the CIRCA award for their use of Fly Ash. We will be adding this to our list of goals to accomplish in 2011!

The History

The Waterloo Concrete Toboggan team has long been successful at this competition, boasting an impressive four past overall victories, as well as numerous runner up and special mention awards. Those past victories include 2008's championship team WATERLOO911! when the competition was held in Sherbrooke, Quebec. In 2006, the University of Waterloo managed to win third place overall as well as the Best Break Design award. We are aiming to repeat that performance and bring home the overall champtionship title after a long three year drought.

2008 Team University of Waterloo, GNCTR 2008 Champions Team