Web Design Credits

This site uses the following libraries:

Codebird - for Twitter integration (licensed under the GNU GPL version 3)

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser - to shim old website pages into the new template (licensed under the MIT license)

bxSlider - for the transitioning sponsor box on the sidebar (licensed "under" the WTFPL)

Giva Labs Marquee jQuery Plug-in - for the news ticker (licensed under the Apache License 2.0)

jQuery - for pretty much everything (licensed under the MIT license)

This site additionally uses the following resources:

Picol Icon Library - for Popular Links (licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

This site was designed and developed in March 2013 by Billy Eakkachaichanvet, a 4th year Civil Engineering student (at the time) at the University of Waterloo.

Content for the site is written by current and past years of the University of Waterloo Concrete Toboggan team. Company logos are copyright their respective authors.

The Concrete Toboggan team is a University of Waterloo student initiative. All University of Waterloo wordmarks are copyright the University of Waterloo.

Fun Stuff: Time Machine

These website versions are no longer maintained and are guaranteed to be broken in some significant way. They are only linked here for nostalgia purposes. Please be careful of falling debris when visiting.

Themes (and even our participation) before 1994 are uncertain due to lack of documentation. They are best guesses based on my (Billy Eakkachaichanvet's) research in old news articles and photos.

After this point, we stopped integrating the theme into the website.

And now we're here, at our website for the 2014 race and beyond.