The Team

Since the University of Waterloo began competing at the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race, it has become tradition for the competing Concrete Toboggan Team to be composed of students from the graduating Civil Engineering class of that year. As a result, a completely new team would be formed for each GNCTR competition. Each team would start from the ground up: starting as a group of students from the same Civil Engineering class interested in this race they knew little about, and eventually moving on to design their concrete toboggans from scratch, working in anticipation for their one and only opportunity to go to the race.

To avoid the loss of momentum and knowledge gained from each competition, the University of Waterloo Concrete Toboggan Team has taken multiple steps to ease the transition between competitions and to maximize the success of future teams.

This team no longer restricts registration to upper year students, but avidly seeks the support of younger members. This decision will allow these younger members to develop an understanding of the processes of design, construction, administration and team management, and carry these skills as leaders of the team once the senior students graduate.

Variety is the Spice of Victory

Winning at the competition requires more than just engineering, it requires the combined effort of every faculty in creating a balanced team. We source over 40 of the best University of Waterloo students from multiple disciplines such as civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, architecture, arts and mathematics. Our individual experiences from the classroom and from Waterloo’s unique co-op program are what gives us the skills to tackle any challenge in style.

By broadening the diversity of this group, our team has proven to be a serious and competitive team. As of December 2011, these efforts were realized as the team was granted design space in the newly constructed Engineering 5 Design Center within the University of Waterloo campus.

Developing Experience

The Concrete Toboggan Team is always looking for interested, committed, and hard-working students to join the team! The Concrete Toboggan Team is open to students from all engineering programs. We welcome everyone with any level of experience - we all started out with no idea with what we were doing!

It is an excellent opportunity to get hands on experience outside of the classroom. On the Concrete Toboggan Team, students have the chance to meet new people, design a concrete toboggan and associated framing, participate in exciting fundraising events, represent the University of Waterloo at a national level, and develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. And let's not forget, there's the thrill of barrelling down a snow covered hill in a 300 pound concrete toboggan!